Decrease in purchase drop-offs

The digital statistics through which you may determine pages being the most frequently left by the users and being the bottleneck of the purchasing process support basic assessment. To understand the reasons for resignation from purchasing, however, users' opinions should be known by gathering comments at the moment when they decide to drop-off the purchasing.

Every day you lose potential customers for reasons that are difficult to identify through simple analytics. On average, 68% buyers interrupt purchasing for various reasons, and some surveys indicate even up to 80% abandoned carts. According to calculations by Business Insider, the value of abandoned purchases in 2015 was grater than USD 4 trillion, of which more than 60% could have been saved if online retailers knew the users' demands and meet their needs.

Understanding the sources of purchase drop-off is extremely important for e-commerce. But how to identify the most effectively possible the reasons for terminating the purchases? On the basis of usual data relating to the stages of dropping-off,  the obstacles and inconveniences encountered by some of users unconvinced to the purchase may be only guessed. Identification of real causes may only be possible through permanent contact with website users and, above all, by gathering feedback and comments from the customers who resigned from shopping at particular moments.

Reasons for purchase dropping-off by those users may include various issues, for example:

  • Disadvantageous process, compared to the competition
  • Unexpected extra costs
  • Too complicated purchasing process
  • Technical problems or other errors
  • The need to register or sign-in into the service
  • Restrictions on payment methods
  • Vaguely constructed forms
  • Unattractive forms or shipping costs
  • Insufficient information about product
  • Vaguely outlined cart content (lack of precise descriptions, pictures)
  • Difficulties in navigating the page
  • Safety concerns relating to payment processing
  • Too slow page loading

However, although it is possible to identify the most common causes, there may be much more reasons for cart drop-offs, and even seemingly trivial problems may occur to be a significant obstacle to development of e-commerce business. Understanding the needs of increasingly demanding customers can improve purchasing process (from presentation of the offer and encouraging to buy, to completing the transaction) so that the users convert smoothly and without problems. Elimination of barriers and problems leading to resignation from the  purchase will allow you to increase your sales!

The problem of cart drop-offs must be taken into consideration, first of all, by e-commerce companies that do not offer the possibility of purchasing in a traditional store. As it may bee seen from the surveys, some users who resign from buying online decide to purchase through an offline channel, so the shops operating strictly online must be prepared to greater potential losses for the benefit of multi-channel retailers.

Some users treat the cart as a storage, which in the absence of options of storing items suggests the need for such function, others just experiment, without the intention to purchase. Cart drop-offs resulting from such behaviors cannot be, however, identified without properly conducted surveys on users' experience. The growing popularity of mobile platforms, in turn, necessitates adaptation of purchasing process to changing shopping trends and characteristics of mobile devices.

The tools offered by allow to determine the real reasons for cart dropp-off, and our unique technology properly identifies the moment of purchase interruption or encountering a problem by the customer. More information about our solutions and survey display options may be found here.

    • Understanding the reasons for leaving the website.

      Observation of users' behaviour is possible through a multitude of various statistics that are a treasure trove of knowledge for every website owner. Data collected in service statistics illustrate behaviour of particular users, regarding, among other things, the following aspects: how long the users stayed on a particular page, where they came to the website from, what pages they visited, and which of them was a page from which they left the website.

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      Multidimensional survey for the Clients

      Basic survey offered by platform allows for collection of declarative ratings and reviews from users on the websites. The survey is embedded on Customer's website and presented, as standard, in the lower right corner of the page, in the form of a pictogram + text inviting to participate in the survey.

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      Understanding the causes of cart drop-off and abandonment of purchasing process

      The main goal of any e-commerce website is making the users easily go through the purchasing process, from their needs and interests, to familiarizing them with the product and purchase, to the confirmation of transaction completion and the information about goods delivery date.

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      Precise survey on website users' loyalty

      The main objective of the NPS [ang. Net Promoter Score] is measurement of customers' loyalty. In other words, the NPS examines whether a customer/user will recommend your business/website to his/her friend.

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      The survey placed within the website content.

      opiniac.insert is a survey placed within the content of analyzed website. The method of placing allows to measure loyalty, evaluation of the offer, brand or other elements placed above the survey. Using the suited questions, through the opiniac.insert survey appearing on the website, the indications on the following issues may be obtained:

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      Survey on mailing attractiveness /dedicated questions to the recipients.

      To obtain users' opinions about correspondence received from the website, it is worth using not only the available statistical tools to measure the effectiveness of the carried out promotional campaign. Also the survey should be used, which will enable knowing users' opinions on the correspondence content.

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      Free testing of platform.

      Free trial version is available for 1 month. With it, the complete functionality of the system may be used but limited to the basic questionnaire – with a set of questions based on the most common problems or issues relating to websites' users.

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      Segmentation of the survey among website visitors

      The survey consists in displaying the questionnaire or invitation to participate in the survey to a predefined group of website users. That group may be defined on the basis of selected criteria, e.g. specific behavior on the website, visiting selected pages, or it may include all new users visiting the website.

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