Surveys on mailing perception and attractiveness

Newsletters, promotional e-mails and other messages sent to the customers are a mark of your business. How to evaluate the use the received offer?

Newsletters are good method to reach loyal customers without having to spend money on advertising effectiveness of mailings and how to identify potential problems that may discourage the recipients to campaigns directed to that target group. Mailings may also be helpful in the fight against purchasing process dropping-off – a message sent to the customer who dropped off the shopping cart is a perfect way to obtain conversion of undecided or not fully satisfied user, it is enough to offer help or a discount on purchases.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of mailing campaigns is an important strategic element for  business development, primarily in the context of building the coverage, increase of brand awareness and retention of loyal customers. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult to draw attention of recipients to the prepared newsletters because we live in a time of information overload and ubiquitous spam and advertising. Internet users have learned to ignore advertising emails sent to their e-mail boxes and surveys show that more than half of them feel overwhelmed by the excess of marketing content.

The battle for recipients goes on all fronts - both quality content and attractive design, as well as technical aspects are important: reliability and correctness of displaying on different devices and systems (which is extremely important in the context of growing popularity of mobile platforms). An e-mail should also look invinting and offer original content tailored to customers'  preferences. As for the latter, segmentation may help, that is splitting the newsletter recipients into groups, making the person subscribing to receive news can choose specific topics and types of the mailing received.

Apart from the extremely important aspects of substantive and aesthetic nature, technical issues are also of great significance. No matter how interesting your newsletter is, unexpected errors or incorrectly displayed content will discourage even the most indulgent recipient from your offer. Also the very process of subscribing mailing lists by the users is important. Make sure that the forms are to fill and the links to them are visible to the users visiting your website or social media services. It would not be bad taking the opportunity to ask for name and birth date so that your messages can be more personalized – addressing directly to the recipient or sending them birthday wishes will definitely have a positive impact on brand perception. It is also worth informing the users signing up for newsletters about what they can expect in them. Further, It is also important to provide information on the frequency of sending e-mails, so your message will go to informed and willing to interact recipients.

For identifying the needs and experiences of the recipients of your mailing, as well as potential obstacles and problems which they may encounter, survey tools offered by platform may be helpful. We offer placement of  surveys to be delivered in the e-mails sent by your company together with newsletters, in the form of a text link or a link hidden under an icon that encourages to take part in the survey. By collecting feedback and comments from your recipients, mailing become more attractive and better adapted to customers' needs. It is worth taking care, for good newsletter has a positive impact not only on building the coverage, but also on increasing the loyalty, satisfaction and, of course, the profits.

    • Understanding the reasons for leaving the website.

      Observation of users' behaviour is possible through a multitude of various statistics that are a treasure trove of knowledge for every website owner. Data collected in service statistics illustrate behaviour of particular users, regarding, among other things, the following aspects: how long the users stayed on a particular page, where they came to the website from, what pages they visited, and which of them was a page from which they left the website.

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      Multidimensional survey for the Clients

      Basic survey offered by platform allows for collection of declarative ratings and reviews from users on the websites. The survey is embedded on Customer's website and presented, as standard, in the lower right corner of the page, in the form of a pictogram + text inviting to participate in the survey.

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      Understanding the causes of cart drop-off and abandonment of purchasing process

      The main goal of any e-commerce website is making the users easily go through the purchasing process, from their needs and interests, to familiarizing them with the product and purchase, to the confirmation of transaction completion and the information about goods delivery date.

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      Precise survey on website users' loyalty

      The main objective of the NPS [ang. Net Promoter Score] is measurement of customers' loyalty. In other words, the NPS examines whether a customer/user will recommend your business/website to his/her friend.

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      The survey placed within the website content.

      opiniac.insert is a survey placed within the content of analyzed website. The method of placing allows to measure loyalty, evaluation of the offer, brand or other elements placed above the survey. Using the suited questions, through the opiniac.insert survey appearing on the website, the indications on the following issues may be obtained:

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      Survey on mailing attractiveness /dedicated questions to the recipients.

      To obtain users' opinions about correspondence received from the website, it is worth using not only the available statistical tools to measure the effectiveness of the carried out promotional campaign. Also the survey should be used, which will enable knowing users' opinions on the correspondence content.

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      Free testing of platform.

      Free trial version is available for 1 month. With it, the complete functionality of the system may be used but limited to the basic questionnaire – with a set of questions based on the most common problems or issues relating to websites' users.

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      Segmentation of the survey among website visitors

      The survey consists in displaying the questionnaire or invitation to participate in the survey to a predefined group of website users. That group may be defined on the basis of selected criteria, e.g. specific behavior on the website, visiting selected pages, or it may include all new users visiting the website.

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