opiniac.com capabilities are used to carry out regular panel surveys aimed at a comprehensive analysis of Polish e-commerce and the changing demands from customers and Internet users.

An edition of the survey on the ROPO effect, carried out in May 2015, allowed for comprehensive and thorough defining the preferences and purchasing habits of Polish consumers at many stages of consumer journey. The impact of online decisions on offline purchasing occured to be greater than we suspected - nearly 70% of customers purchasing in a traditional shop made their decision based on the information found in the Web.

Opiniac.com panel surveys are conducted in cooperation with our Clients and Partners, and the results are presented clearly and available to all interested parties. The ROPO 2015 Report has been prepared with the commitment of our Partners, namely Decathlon, Dbam o Zdrowie, Leroy Merlin, Rainbow Tours, Rossmann, Play, e-Commerce Poland and Onet.pl. With the help of so many important market players, we were able to reach more than 250.000 consumers in various segments of Polish e-commerce. Full ROPO Report can be read here.

opiniac.com is planning further survey panels, including subsequent edition of the panel on ROPO effect. We encourage the willing parties to cooperate, and everyone interested in customer experience to read the reports of the previously performed analyses.

Below is a list of recent panel surveys:

There has been completed the stage of data collection in the ROPO panel organized by  opiniac.com team, under the auspices of the e-commerce Poland Chamber of Digital Economy. Official partner to create the group of respondents for the survey was Onet.pl which provided a reference sample for surveying outside the of e-commerce segment. The customers were asked about purchasing experience both online…

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In the third quarter of 2014, under the auspices of the e-commerce Poland - Chamber of Digital Economy, we carried out first Polish panel on the ROPO effect, among the customers purchasing both online and offline. Panel coverage has been built thanks to the kindness and support of our three Partners in the project: Leroy Merlin, DOZ.pl and Rainbow Tours. The questions covered several sectors of e-commerce,…

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In May, a pilot panel was conducted on the ROPO and reverse ROPO effects, among the customers buying both online and offline.The questions covered five sectors, the survey was anonymous, the respondents did not receive any gratification for participation. Our panel reached 372 respondents who were willing to express their opinions.The obtained results are presented in condensed ROPO report We also…

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    • The opiniac.com platform allows to offload primary contact channels and also to identify their potential problems.

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      opiniac.com surveys are usually conducted on a continuous basis, which allows for comparing the results from different months, quarters and years. That approach allows our Clients to analyze the impact of their actions and changes on customer experience, as well as to track changes in customers' behavior and their perception of the offer, website or services.

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      The opiniac.com tolls offer a comprehensive measurement of consumer experience, covering all points of contact of consumers with the brand. Simultaneously, the platform allows to easily compare the environmental performance with the reference to market indicators.

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      The digital statistics through which you may determine pages being the most frequently left by the users and being the bottleneck of the purchasing process support basic assessment. To understand the reasons for resignation from purchasing, however, users' opinions should be known by gathering comments at the moment when they decide to drop-off the purchasing.

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      The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is used to measure customers' loyalty by asking the question of how likely it is that they will recommend your business, brand, website, product or service to their friends or family. Surveying and analysis of willingness to recommend will help you increase customers' satisfaction, which, in the long term, will have a positive impact on your performance.

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      No brand can exist without loyal and returning customers, and due to intense competition in e-commerce industry, treating all customers equally is a mistake. Every customer is different and thus different purchase motivations occur. Therefore, developing good strategy and communication plan requires understanding customers’ intents and demands, as well as understanding their current and future behaviour.

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      The growing involvement of businesses in Customer Experience activities makes the need to measure and compare the effectiveness of implemented strategies becomes crucial. Want to make changes in the offer / products or services /, build a new website or online store? First, ask your users about their opinions. Opinions of loyal consumers may indicate the solution or allow to look at the problem more closely.

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