Precise survey on website users' loyalty

The main objective of the NPS [ang. Net Promoter Score] is measurement of customers' loyalty. In other words, the NPS examines whether a customer/user will recommend your business/website to his/her friend.

The survey is based on the assumption that the use of products or services of a particular company (e.g. content share/ online selling of products), does not prove satisfaction and loyalty of its users. The user may just not be able to use an alternative website or a competitive service because perhaps the products are available only from one online supplier. That means the users are not loyal to the brand and when another company or website offers the content or services interesting to them, they decide to change the supplier and use the alternative offer without hesitation.

The index was developed by Frederick F. Reichheld and is based on responses to a single question:

„How likely is that you would recommend [company name / address of the website] to your friend or colleague?"

The users responds using a 11 point scale [0 to 10], where „0” means total lack of the willingness to recommend, while „10” indicates full loyalty and satisfaction from using the products or services offered by a company/web service and thereby the willingness to recommend it to the others.

  • Score 0-6 - (Detractors) - users who will not recommend the company/website. They are also the  source of negative reviews. On the other hand, they are the base to obtain valuable information, indicating the areas for improvements in company/website operation.
  • Score 7-8 - (Passives) - relatively satisfied users, usually not the source of recommendations.
  • Score 9-10 - (Promoters) – satisfied users, willing to express their positive opinions and to recommend actively the company/website to the others.


The NPS result is obtained by the following subtraction:

% active brand Promoters -% active brand Detractors = NPS

In a situation where, following the survey, the NPS is low or negative, there is a high risk that a large portion of users is somewhat accustomed to using the services of our company and does it instinctively, not consciously. In the event of occurrence of a competing offer, there is a risk that the  customers use it without hesitation. It is different when the NPS is high - it means that users are happy and willing to recommend to the others. It also demonstrates good development perspectives for a business/website.

Bottom Up NPS surveys – carried out at the points of contact between the brand and customer,  in relation to the interactions between them. An example of use is a NPS survey as part of opiniac.checkout or opiniac.nps (opiniac.insert), which monitors the satisfaction after e.g. purchase in a store

The NPS survey results may be presented in two ways - as an absolute value (that is the Absolute NPS), or as the result against the industry (that is the Relative NPS). As part of the surveys and reports offered by opiniac.com, both types of values may be presented.


Example of a survey embedded on a website, with reloading:




Example of a survey embedded on a website, without reloading:



opiniac.com offers integration of NPS survey with Facebook, which is particularly useful for the Clients who have a profile there. For the responses with a score of 9 or 10, a thanks message with encouragement to like the Customer's profile on Facebook is displayed. In that way, the customers who declare they would recommend the website, are encouraged to like the fanpage, which positively affects the dynamics of fans acquisition.


Main advantage:

The indicated NPS is particularly valuable when conducting regular surveys. It indicates, over time, whether the actions taken to improve users' satisfaction from company services are reflected in their reviews. A good example is the summary prepared at a time when running a few NPS surveys within the website.


“Net Promoter” is a registered trademark of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix.

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      Multidimensional survey for the Clients

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      Precise survey on website users' loyalty

      The main objective of the NPS [ang. Net Promoter Score] is measurement of customers' loyalty. In other words, the NPS examines whether a customer/user will recommend your business/website to his/her friend.

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      The survey placed within the website content.

      opiniac.insert is a survey placed within the content of analyzed website. The method of placing allows to measure loyalty, evaluation of the offer, brand or other elements placed above the survey. Using the suited questions, through the opiniac.insert survey appearing on the website, the indications on the following issues may be obtained:

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      Segmentation of the survey among website visitors

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